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     Commissions Are Available.

     How it works:

     Each item has a base price. Depending on the yarn used, extra features added and the difficulty of the project, the price will increase.

     On this page is a basic commission form. It is a starting point, something to help figure out what you want done and so I can figure out rough pricing and time lines.


     Once I receive this, I will request a meeting (Default is through zoom). This is for quick and easy discussion of details and planning. I will email the details decided upon. This is for double checks and record keeping. More meetings are available upon request or if any issues come up. For example, an unexpected detail came up that we had not covered and there are multiple options on how to do it. I will provide progress reports upon request otherwise you will just be notified about significant milestones and double checks.


     As you can tell, I’m a fan of communication.


     If you have an idea for a modification or a particular subject, message me and I will see what can be done. I love challenges.

     Example: Can I make a puzzle animal in my favorite Animal, an ostrich? Off the top of my head no. 3 days later . . . I figured out how and now I want to make it. Thanks for the new challenge.


I'm a Puzzle Animal of the Feline Varity. 

Suggestions for styling my magnificat mane?


I'm a Puzzle Animal of the Fossil Varity. I come in numerus styles, can you help me figure out what I look like?.



I'm just a regular stuffed creation. I cover all the other stuffed creations


I'm a Elephant Puzzle Animal.

Keep an eye on my ears, as they do change.



Time to style or  research a new puzzle animal, any



Time to fill out the forms for more Mini Dinos.


I'm a Puzzle Animal of the Equine Varity.

That means I can be an plain Horse, an Unicorn or a Clydesdale. Which one am I?


Fallen Stars. About 2 feet in radius. Style and amount of points are decided when the falling star reachs the ground.


I create a blanket or wall hanging based off a picture.  Usually a grid or 8bit pattern. Talk to me figure out if I can do it.






  Star Blanket  

  Mini Dino  


  Grid Pattern  

This       is a basic request form.

It has most of the options available;

also has the basic information I need.

Please email me this document,,

to start the commission process.

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