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Puzzle Animals

A puzzle stuffed creation that comes in various shapes.

Puzzle Animals are made up of 3 sections, two leg pieces and a head piece, that are intertwine.

There are many types of animals and they all follow the same puzzle format. This means that they are mix and machable.

Some animals that have been made are Clydesdales, Dinosaurs, Monsters, Dogs, Lions, Turtles, even an Iron Man.

You can create stories based on these animals. Examples:

Iron Man:

You are Tony Stark's assistant mechanic, assisting with his suits. One comes in and requires repares. Can you take the suit apart, fix it and put it back together?

Zoo Keeper:

You are looking for animals and creatures for your zoo. One is located, be careful that they don't become scared. Opps. They got scared and scattered into three pieces that hid. Now you need to find all the pieces and put them together. Once put together they can become part of your zoo.

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